Thanksgiving fundraising with Live to Roll at Bobby’s

Live To Roll is here to Educate, Motivate and Empower.

We are dedicated to helping individuals with disabilities to live happier and more independent lives. Every week we host a show discussing different topics about living life with a disability and how it affects our daily living.  We also host a women\’s show twice a month with a more focused aim of addressing topics on women living life with a disability.  In addition to the live show’s we regularly produce videos showcasing tools and techniques that we have learned over years of living as quadriplegics.  Between the four of us who contribute to the channel we have more than 75 years of experience living with spinal cord injury.   It’s Important for us to be a positive role model and mentor for others with disabilities as well as provide useful information and motivational content for people of any ability, and we are committed to doing so. Our hope is to use our knowledge and experience to help with improving disabled individuals’ daily lives and general attitude towards life!

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