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It’s important to realize that with disabilities it is still possible to go on adventures, do activities, and live life with your loved ones that you never thought would be possible to live again.

Mission Statement

It’s been well known that its dificult for people to go through changes in their lives (changin job, moving to another place or physical change). "Overcoming change" is to motivate and empower people undergoing changes and especially with disabilities.

I am Lera Alexandrova and I am here to share my journey of changes that I have had to overcome moving between the countries and my physical diabilties change. I would like to share how I am adapting to be independent and to take care of my children.

Since I was little I always had a heart for helping people and I hope this site will help people to overcome their changes through there life. I will also share all the things, equipment and information  that helped me to adjust to the changes easier.

As mother of two young children It’s important for me to stay strong and show a good example to my children and people who needs an inspiration.

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When shopping at Over Coming Change for electric wheelchairs or power mobility scooters for sale online, rest assured knowing that each product comes with its own set of features and benefits designed specifically for individuals with limited mobility in mind. No matter which item you choose from our selection of products, know that it will arrive fully assembled and ready to use so all you have to do is sit down and start enjoying your newfound freedom!

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