Hanger Clinic

Hanger Clinic

At Hanger Clinic, we care for our patients like family, working together to bring about the best possible orthotic and prosthetic outcomes.
With 900 locations across the country, we create customized solutions—including state-of-the-art prostheses, braces, supports, cranial helmets, and other devices—designed to help you live your best life. Our commitment is to listen to you, get to know you as a person, and do everything we can to help you achieve your potential.

COMPANY TYPE: Medical Supply, Equipment: Braces

COMPANY DISABILITY: Autism, PTSD, Epilepsy, Blindness / Hearing loss, HIV / AIDS, Paralysis: Spinal Cord Injury, Paralysis: Spinal Bifida, Paralysis: Cerebral Palsy, Paralysis: Stroke, Paralysis: Muscular dystrophy, Paralysis: Brain tumors, Quad, SCI, Spinal Cord Disorder (TM/GB/Polio), Spina Bifida, Stroke, Amputee, Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy, TBI, Other

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