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My Story


Before the accident where I fell and hit my back on the sharp corner at the childcare (Age 2 years old)

After the first back surgery w/my grandma (Age 2.9 years old)

After the second back surgery inserting some donor bonds at T5-T6 w/my grandma Muse again (Age 5.5 years old) .

I had to wear plaster west in the pre-K and first grade.

Fully recovered after two surgeries at the age of 2.5 & 5.5 years old. First Grade where I FINALLY got accepted to the TB boarding school at

Here is a total triumph over the surgeries and a feeling like a normal child at the age of 10 years old.

Me & my mom before New Years school ball/carnival.

My sweet 16 and the first summer camp abroad at City Stavropol which took us two days trip on the train to get there. I still had to do a follow up with the Rehab and Spine TB dispensary until I was 18.

Sweet 18 and the graduation from collage (and all the doctors visits) w/my besties.

At the age 21 I went to Japan and did acting and modelling there during summertime while I was getting a bachelor degree in Foreign Market Economics in Belarus. NHK cooking show with Harumi Kurihara.

Modelling and portfolio pictures with Danz Studios, Tokyo, Japan.

Just had to make sure I exercise, do not do any sport and no children like my doctors suggested (modelling for Stella Mccartney sport shoes collection).

Played golf in Australia and travelled all over the world…

Worked at Summer Sonic festival in Japan 2009. The Ting Tings:

Ne_Yo signing my t-shirt:

K-1 fights and photo with the champion Remy Bonjasky(2005):

K-1 Ring Girl 2004-2006

Motherhood in 2011. Veryy happy milestone. However, pregnancy and caring baby lead to the back complications causing the spine to bend at the traumatized place at T5-6. Putting a pressure on the spinal cord made it accumulate the liquid in it called Syringomaelia, which caused the numbness in the left leg in 2013.

After having a second child in october of 2014 I had to undergo an emergency back surgery in June of 2015 when the baby was just 8 months old. On the right of MRI my spine before and after the surgery on the left.

I was still able to walk and run but started to limp on the left side due to the incresing numbness in the left leg.

Holi Festival in Long Beach 2016

Being a single mother I was still full time working at a Commercial Real state company and doing the activities with the kids taking them: dancing and acting school/IMTA competition.

However it all lead to more complications and I had to have another back reconstruction surgery in July 2019 to avoid the paralysis. In the outcome of two top surgeons: orthopedist Dr. Bederman and Neorosurgeon Dr. Muhonen the deformity was corrected from the angle of 45 degrees to 25 and three shunts were inserted into the spinal cord supported by four rods and twelve screws and the implant at the T5-6 spine incision.

Spent in UC six days instead of two...(July 2019)M

My girls (age of 8 and 4.5) visiting me in St Joseph Hospital.

After the last surgery I never fully regained my walking and can walk with the support only or using a wheelchair now. But it doesn’t mean that life doesn’t continue!;) I can still enjoy it doing activities with my kids, travelling and going places with the right equipment you can find more information on at Overcoming Change.

Went to Brazil(San Paolo and Rio), visited local club for the Brazilian Carnival and a great Italian Restaurant Terraco Italia on the 41-st floor (March 2022).

Visiting some local club for Brazilian Carnival (March 2022).

Going trough the custom or getting a luggage is much easier with the wheelchair assistance now.

Some airlines can even upgarde your air ticket to the Business or First class if they have availabiliyty (or sympathy to your condition:).

View from the Sheraton Grand Rio in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

Helecopter VIP private ride, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Took the kids to Disneyland for my youngest daughter's birthday(Oct.2021).

Went to the beach and anticipate in many diferent sport activities, Nov.2021 (thank to Triumph Foundation)


New ramp build on the right side of Huntington Beach (2021).

Adaptive ski with USARC (Jan. 2022).

Moreover, continuing doing acting with the kids and waiting for the first their movie to be released in the cinema soon. “Me time” with Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg.