Rehab Journey

Here I would like to share my rehabilitation “journey” in addition to my story in videos and pictures.

There are many different injuries and disabilities people can experience in their life and of course what would help to one person might not help to another.

I would like to share just some “toolls” or “milestones” that helped me to overcome my struggles with the rehabilitation: the depression, devistating and lingering pain. What helped me to overcome the change in my body not been able to walk without support, to run or dance or even just doing a simple “chores” in household. I will make it simple here but it is only up to you what step would be helpful for you or your loved ones and what step could you apply to your or their  situation. One thing I’ve learnt that in some cases it doesnt require a lot of funds and you can be free of relying on your insurance buying you a heavy Quantum 120-200 pounds wheelchairs or paying for your treatments.

Step 1: Overcoming pain

PRP and Stem Cell Therapy

Step 2 : Overcoming mobility limitations and start driving again

Installing hand controls and driving aid in my car

Step 3

Finding the right doctor or mental support

Step 4

Getting mobile again with the light equipment

Step 5

To join the right community to get advice and get better and live active life again

Step 6

Find more info and the list of the companies that deal with disabilities